Projects test the caliber of students and are often considered the litmus test to assess their knowledge and skills required to handle and implement them. VermacLabs is an organization that is blessed with experts who possess great experience and knowledge in different professional streams.

Students pursuing technical courses can rely on our team for mentorship, guidance and execution strategies that are essential to handle some of the majorchallenges encountered during project planning and execution.

Real-time projects will add credibility and act as a valid extension of the learnings possessed by students. Projects act as a gateway to jobs in world class companies. The projects that students get to work will also require higher research and development time. This also implies that there is a need for funds to develop the project idea and scale them for financial and business viability. VermacLabs works closely with the student community who possess such skills and support their innovative ideas with the right guidance and strategies to empower them further and build their dreams without hassles.

Student Blogs

A great way to cut through the clutter and make an impact is to express ideas and share knowledge through blogs. VermacLabs takes pride in encouraging students to bring their writing skills in the limelight and helps them to work on their core skills and expertise.

Student blogs is a community that is powered by students with exclusive content that is fresh and unfiltered. This is a great way to explore new

dimension of subjects which will garner different perspectives from within the student community. Blogs also serve students to expand their network and will be especially helpful during projects, research work and conferences.

Students who are good at writing and can stitch together well-research and meaningful articles are welcome to submit their work to VermacLabs team. We constantly promote the latest work of students, event updates from various engineering and technology institutes from across India and special mention of new and exciting projects executed by the student community on our portal on a constant basis.
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Industry events are considered a networker’s delight. Students can especially benefit from being part of events conducted by VermacLabs and other business organizations affiliated to us. Students can learn and enhance their knowledge levels immensely as events are a platform to engage and experience new industrial trends and developments.

In this section, we shall bring you the latest updates about events, workshops and international conferences held across India. We will also be sharing news, gallery and event resources to keep students informed all the time.

If you are a student and considering joining us as volunteers in any of our upcoming event, please browse this page often and find out the best matched programs based on your skills and expertise.


At VermacLabs, We put huge efforts into creating a workplace that attracts motivated, creative, and forward-thinking employees who will help us continue to innovate and grow. You will be a part of the culture that will challenge you to bring your best technical skills, industrial experience and business acumen. We institute training & Knowledge enhancement by giving opportunity to enthusiastic and talented young individuals.