Center for Employability, Innovation & Excellence (CEIE)

Based on the India Skills Report 2019 conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), only 47 percent of the students graduating from various educational domains in India are employable. Although, India has been witnessing a surge in employability of the talent pool, there is still scope for improvement. Our flagship framework, the Centre for Employability and Innovation Excellence (CEIE) Program, caters to the industrial requisites and ever-changing skill demands of today’s Job market. We help proactive and ambitious educational institutes looking to increase the overall employability of their students by designing and implementing our CEIE program to cater to their technical, industry skill-sets and academic requirements.

VermacLabs has always been at the forefront, when it comes to bridging the industry-academia gap in terms of employability expectations. We have exceptional market reputation in designing course modules that enable students to attain specific qualities that are crucial to sustain in the booming knowledge economy.

CEIE program, is a well-thought and logically designed program, which nurtures students, right from the time they begin their professional education. Over the course of four years, and totaling almost 1160 hours, students undertaking the CEIE program are guaranteed a gold standard of excellence that will lead them to professional brilliance, employability and empower them to take charge of their career and beyond without any trace of ambiguity. The program especially trains students on Language and soft skills, improves their reasoning and aptitude skills besides leveling up their tech skills to align with the current trends.

To take them closer to the industry, regular guest lectures from renowned business leaders and industry experts are conducted to help students get an idea about the required level of preparation and commitment to make it to big and established companies.

The periodic assessment conducted by VERMAC’s in-house teams let the students know their strengths and weakness and their overall performance in various parameters, thereby helping them to rapidly correct and improve and take their employability prospect high through the following activities.

  • Advanced Academic Training Courses
  • Self-Paced Learning Management with LMS
  • Work Based Learning Placements (WBL)
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Innovation Training & Capability Improvement Programs
  • Finishing school module
  • Entrepreneurship Learning Programs and Launchpads
  • Hands-on Occupational Skills Training (OST)
  • Job Readiness Skills Training
  • Networking events