Why should a company invest in this training model?

There's a need for the existing employees to keep up with the constantly changing technologies and skills. The pace at which the technologies are developing is not just a threat for the employees but for the companies as well as they have to keep reskilling and upskilling their employees and this could become very expensive for them.

By choosing to work with our model, companies can save a lot of money and time, and avoid their employees skills from becoming antiquated. Companies can either choose to provide in-house training provided at VermacLabs's premises or request for training at their location.


  • The content will be designed on the basis of the requirements presented by the company.
  • The employees will be trained by our certified, industry expert trainers through a practical oriented approach.
  • The candidates will be assessed before and after the training to evaluate their job performance.
  • The employees will be provided with technical certifications if required that will help the company to evaluate their performance and motivate them to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Why VermacLabs for reskilling and upskilling?

  • Our training is outcome-driven.
  • We conduct workshops and tech talks on a regular basis to spread awareness about the changing technologies and to motivate students and existing employees to enhance their skills.
  • We provide a large range of technical trainings for corporate companies and this helps us to understand what methodology works best in the workspace.
  • We deliver our training in both ours as well as the client's premises.
  • We modify our content based on the desired outcome.