Virtual Classroom

team247 services virtual class

With recent developments and invention of modern science, learning has been made more convenient. A virtual classroom is one such evolution of online learning platform that allows teachers and students to communicate, interact, collaborate, explain and exchange their ideas.

At Vermac you will be exposed to a unique learning management system with integrated virtual classrooms. Affordable and effective learning environment that will allow each student to scheme their classes as per their convenience. It is an anywhere learning that alleviates the geographical barriers.

Global Connect

As a promising partner we do not confine our ideas to just decisive planning but implementation of them by paving a path for utilization of the world class educational resources.

Every student who demonstrates and proves their zeal of thinking beyond the horizon with creative and articulate performance will be given an opportunity to attend or represent at various events and workshops held national and international.

team247 service global connect

Guest Lectures

team247 service guest lecture

An association with us will be an ideal choice in progressing your learning margins. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals host lecturing programs to build a focused and derivative students. They utilize various tools to simplify and make the learning fun. They contribute to every student’s knowledge inclusion.

We organize both online and offline guest lectures. The idea of exploring and obtaining specialized substance of knowledge will be an at hand altitude for your career.

Soft Skills Training

According to lots of researches one of the main reasons a person gets a job, will keep a job and move ahead in that job has to do with people skills and people knowledge. In a similar vein, ability to learn and adapt to human skills and work skills have got most of the employees fired from work.

It is soft skills that are proving to be the reliable and effective means to transform your career. They do not just compliment your occupational skills to determine your ability to get a job, get a promotion or a substantial pay hike but appeals for your all round development. We offer one such exceptional course of soft skills study & training to empower your learning. We account trained experts with in-depth knowledge, effective training methods and valid certification.

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