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Am I Innovative?


Innovating thinking is one of those inexplicable concepts in education-one that is often espoused, but isn't measured, reported on, trained around, or celebrated. However, It's just sort of there. We at Vermac Labs support students with their expression of ideas and provide them with an opportunity to showcase them. Am I innovative is a moving forward stage for every student's active learning to build and develop the ability to think beyond. We take the risk and you tweak the idea.

Makers Hub

makers hub

The best way to spark your innovative thinking is to teach your brain to think in new ways. You create a new way and we’ll guide you through it. Makers hub is an initiation of Vermac Labs to execute and act upon your creative ideas you put across at our “Am I Innovative?” platform. We provide an excellent opportunity to explore the science behind creating an inspiring & useful output.

Our panel of experts will review the inputs and purpose of your ideas to decide the possible course of action. Once approved, it will then be processed to obtain the essence of the very idea driven towards the project. Your contribution will be encouraged, supported and established.

We do review and sponsor projects those planned, streamlined and justified.