About Us

Vermac Labs is a full spectrum of modern learning services to engage students across verticals, to enhance their thought processes, uphill their skills and drive them towards better and constructive future. We are specialized in Digital learning, Practical Educational Training, Virtual academia, Faculty grooming, Corporate Training etcetera.

The central ideology of Vermac is to take a simple yet holistic approach to device and implement technological solutions to alleviate the challenges confronted by educational sector today. Our web enabled services deploy consistent superior variety of services.

about us

what we do

What We Do

We believe in focusing on our core strengths and competencies to ensure that we are providing the best possible services to all the Engineering institutions. Our strata of planning isn’t just limited to teaching knowledge but provide an opportunity for students to execute their ideas and implement them.

In today’s business world, knowledge management and collaboration are very critical for cost-effective operations and continuous improvement of business processes. We can assist you in designing and commencing a custom knowledge management tool specific to your requirements.

Our ability to adapt to proven technologies and streamline processes is the key to delivering services to a dynamic educational sector. We aim to serve with content and fundamental principles those aid in cost effective and high quality education.

The centralized selective technologies at Vermac provides a glorious future direction. The quality of people and our work, our customer focused working culture, our simplistic prospective, always made us stand out.


“Vermac Labs aids in making education equally accessible and empowers every student by providing an advanced learning platform to improve their knowledge and harness their skills with best available educational resources.”